I was listening to American Family Radio today, and they were trying to determine what this next generation of youth was to be called, and they determined that they were to be called the revolutionary generation. What brings this to mind is the fact that there are so many hurting youth in today’s society. Teens today are struggling with issues we could never imagine. Over 50% of teens are sexually active; over 1,500 commit suicide every year, 1 in 4 use illegal drugs, 40% have self inflicted wounds, 1/3 have been intoxicated within the last month, over 1 million are pregnant, 1 in 5 have contemplated suicide, and 8,000 get an STD every day. These are startling statistics, and they remind me that I cannot do youth ministry on my own.  I can only reach so many youth, however with your help we can touch and change lives.  It is time we take a stand, and stand up for our youth.  Is your life so much more important?  I’m not asking you to devote your life to teens.  Just simply spend time with them.  Show them you care.  Come hang out in the youth room every once in awhile.  You could even volunteer for a youth event here and there.

The Revolutionary Generation is upon us.  They are brilliant, innovative, radically different, and they need to be engaged in a positive manner.  They are easily caught up in the things of this world, however if we can engage them in the Word of God, and challenge them to live a life of holiness they will do things that we have never seen before. Awesome things could be accomplished for the Kingdom of God.

Wont you please just consider the difference you can make in a child’s life, and apply yourself to it.  If you don’t think you would make a difference, you’re wrong.  Teens just want to be accepted, loved, and listened to.  We all have ears to hear, and arms to hold.

Parents, you have a huge role to play in your kid’s life.  Be there for them, and partner with me as we direct them in the paths of righteousness.

Be in prayer always for our teens.  Make this a priority in your prayer life.

I’m going to be starting a new series called “Revolution” around the first of the year, and it would make a big difference if you would start praying now that we might make an impact in their lives in 2009.

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