The Noticer by Andy Andrews is the story of a wise old white haired man named Jones, no Mr., just Jones, who sacrificed his time and energy to impact and change the lives of those he encountered on a daily basis.  His wonderful ability to notice things beyond normal perception  made him a very well known, and loved man of the Orange Beach, Alabama area.  You could always recognize Jones wearing the same old clothes, and carrying the same brown briefcase.  With just the clothes on his back, and the briefcase in his hands he was able to influence the lives of many, including some who were living in poverty, experiencing a failing marriage, old age, lost dreams, and a failing love. 

“It’s time to stop letting your history control your destiny” – Jones

“Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective.” – Jones

I have to say out of all the books that I have ever reviewed this is by far the best.  I have never given a book five stars until now. This heartwarming story is sure to capture your attention, and relate to you in many ways. I was amazed at many of the principals within this book that have the capabilities of impacting so many lives. Personally, the principal that stuck out the most to me was the way people communicate love. The simple analogy of a dog, cat, bird, and gold fish will forever be imprinted into my philosophy of marriage and love.  Then there were the defining moments between mistakes, and choices that will forever change the way you look at results and consequences. I was inspired and motivated with each turn of the page.  You have to buy this book like yesterday, apply today, and pass it on tomorrow. Don’t let this book pass you by.  I would also encourage you to be apart of the Noticer Project.

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