I have recently been praying diligently about my parenting skills, and to be honest I have come under great conviction.  In a recent sermon I listened to the pastor talked about not shaming your children when you discipline them.  He also mentioned not breaking their spirit and not provoking them to wrath.  As my son begins to approach those pre-teen years it is vital that I address how I encourage and discipline him. (I wanted to save this post for Fathers Day, but it is too important to wait.)

For me it is important that I ask the big question… “What does it mean to be a Pro Dad?”  I’m not talking about being the perfect dad, but one of quality and excellence.  A father who takes pride in how he raises his children.  Here is a small list of things I think a pro dad should do or be:

Project – (verb tense) Pro dads should project the love of Christ to their children.

Promote – Encourage our children to love Jesus, love one another, and love others.  It is also important that we promote to our children that they are to be good leaders, and do their best.  In the Williams family home we have four rules:

  1. Love Jesus
  2. Love My Family
  3. Do My Best
  4. Be a Leader

Provide – As fathers we should be the providers of our home.  Being disciplined in your finances develops character.  Have a budget so that you can take your wife on date night, have fun nights with the kids, take a vacation, and give back to God through the tithe.  Your children are watching you, and as a dad you are a super hero when you are giving to God to help others in need.

Protector – Guard and protector you children and your wife physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.  We must guard their hearts by not shaming them, and by defending them.  Speak highly of your wife and kids.  We should also be praying the armor of God around our family, and making  Bible Study and prayer a priority.

Producer – BE PRODUCTIVE.  “An idol mind is a devil’s playground.”  It seems minute, but it is vital that we are productive.  Stagnation can become a cancer that rots away your soul.  It is a deterioration of the heart and mind.  God is glorified when we are upward productive.  What I mean by that is when is the last time you were productive for the Kingdom of God?  We are the hands and feet of Jesus.  GO – Matt. 28

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