Sermon: “Embarking on the Journey” John 1&2 – Pastor Justin Williams  – Week 2

Last time we looked at Preparing the Path.  We talked about John the Baptist’s ministry of proclaiming Christ, and preparing people to receive him.  We also discussed how Christ journeys with us on this path by sustaining us, lighting our path, and giving us the ability to endure.

This week we will look at the first stretch of Christ’s ministry journey, and the our Path to Pentecost.

First Steps of Christ Ministry

Day 1: Proclamation of Christ (John 1:1-28) and Baptism (John 1:29-34 / Matt. 3:13-17)

Day 2: Jesus Calls His Disciples (John 1:31-35

Day 3: Jesus’ First Miracle (John 2:1-12)

First Steps When Embarking on Your Journey

1. Fulfill Righteousness (Matt. 3:15)

?? Why was Jesus Baptized ??

  • obedience
  • preparation for  sacrafice
  • faithfulness
  • acceptance
  • or tofulfill righteousness

?? Why do we need to be Baptized ??

  • outward expression of repentance
  • to be recognized with other Christ followers
  • identification
  • symbolic washing away of sin and becoming a new creation

2. Surround yourself with mature believers.

  • get a mentor, someone who you trust that can help instruct you unto righteousness
  • get into a good church and Bible study
  • choose your friends carefully (Prov. 12:26)
  • sharpen and be sharpened by those around you (Prov. 27:17)
  • beware of dogs (Phil 3:2)
  • do not be deceived (1 Cor. 15:33)

?? Where is the line between being all things to all peopleand not becoming all things to all people ??

1 Corinthians 9:19-23

3. Serve of the good wine. (John 2:10)

  • Give of your  best
  • first fruits
  • serve completely

You are closest to God when you are serving.

Christ is glorified through our service. (John 2:11)

?? Who have you served today ??

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