Martial Arts always has and always will be a part of my life. However, Two months ago I came to a crossroad in the martial arts – do I continue to train on the art aspect of it or focus more on reality self-defense. I decided to just take a break and weigh the odds. I have decided to primarily focus on the self-defense aspect of it. I am opening my 3rd school Sigma S&S
I will be taking my love for the outdoors and my love for the martial arts, and combine them to teach a primitive self-defense and survival program.  No belts, no bull, just basic to advance self-defense and survival techniques.  Classes will be held once a week, and each class will consist of six key areas:
  1. Stamina (warm-up and fitness)
  2. Skill (concept and application)
  3. Self-Defense (practical self-defense)
  4. Scenario (reenact possible attack and survival scenarios)
  5. Survival (skills and application)
  6. Sharpening (Iron sharpens iron – mentoring and discipleship)

Classes will be held on a quarterly 9 Week basis with a special emphasis class to finish each quarter up.  The program will consist of 7 different levels of certification. 

Ideal participants will be ages 16 and up. (Mature 14-15 y.0. will be considered)  Men and women alike are encouraged to join. Classes will be held at various locations throughout Benton County, Arkansas. 

I am forming the Fall Quarter now.  If interested please CONTACT me as soon as you can, or visit SIGMA S&S for more info.

Currently classes will be held on Saturday mornings around 7:30am, and will last for approxamitly 2 hours. (subject to change)



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