“1000 Days The Ministry Of Christ” by Jonathan Falwell discusses the 1000 days of Jesus Christ’s public ministry and how the 1000 days may apply to our lives.  This book closely looks at those last three years in Jesus’ life, and reveals vital information from the gospels for our lives today.  Discover Jesus like you have never discovered him before.  Each chapter gives us practical insight into the life of Christ, as well as applicable truths to becoming more like Christ.

I picked this book up with high expectations knowing that Jonathan Falwell is a modern-day theologian, but  I was a little hesitant that it would be too preachy or even be more like a commentary.  I was really pleased that this book was very well-balanced.  It was extremely enjoyable to read, and I found it genuinely inspiring.  I loved the end of chapter 4 where it closed with some real probing questions on principles of happiness and holiness.  I was also encouraged by chapter 13 when I began reading “When Jesus looks at me.”

I do highly recommend this book to new Christians, and to those needing a refresher course in their faith.  You will rediscover the life of Jesus, and along the way you just might discover the life you were meant to live.   Get your copy today.

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